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bullet do you find it hard to talk to your children? ... Or your parents?
bullet are your children having difficulty adjusting to step-parents?
bullet are your children having difficulty adjusting to new living arrangements?
bullet are your children experiencing bullying at school?
bullet is a bereavement or other past trauma creating tension in the family?
bullet do you have problems getting on with relations, in-laws or siblings?
bullet is depression or other health problems affecting the happiness of
   your family?
bullet are you in a same-sex relationship and wanting to discuss the best option
  for conceiving a child?

If so, you may find Relate Avon's new Family Counselling service can help.

Who can come?

Any member of the family can come along to regular counselling sessions to discuss problems in a safe and relaxed setting. Typically we might see parents or step-parents with all or some of their children; young or adult siblings; or extended members of the family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. By family, we mean any group of people who describe themselves as a family - so that could include friends as well.

How often will we come?

If you are coming as a family, our counsellor will usually see you for an hour once every fortnight or once every three weeks. Sometimes we might prefer to see a couple alone for regular weekly sessions before the family counselling begins.

What will we talk about?

Our counsellors will give a voice to everyone in the family to say what is bothering them. Often we find that simply talking about problems helps to resolve them. We will help you to build on your strengths as a family rather than getting weighed down by your troubles.

How do Counsellors work?

Our family counsellors are experienced Relate counsellors who have taken extra training via the Association of Family Therapists.

Where will we meet?

Family counselling is currently available at Relate Avon's offices at
133 Cheltenham Road, Bristol.

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