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Counselling for LGBTQ+

At Relate Avon, we are committed to supporting all kinds of relationships and are continually trying to both uphold and develop our support of LGBTQ+ relationships.

We recognise that people in same-sex or transgender relationships experience many of the same issues as any other couple, however we also understand that in a society where heterosexuality has often been considered 'the norm,' LGBTQ+ relationships can be put under additional pressure.

We are here to help with any issue, from the big problems that might threaten your relationship and have a big effect on you and your family to smaller issues that just make things a little less than perfect. Even if things are going brilliantly for you, we can help keep it that way.

We don't pretend to know everything about anyone's relationship or experiences, but we can say that we will work with you and your relationship, without judging you or presuming things about you.

You can also come to us for help dealing with your parents and siblings, or with how you are getting along with your children; or you might have questions that our sex therapists can help with.

Some issues we can offer support with include, if you are...

bullet In a relationship where one of you is in the process of gender reassignment
bullet The parent or child of someone who is in the process of gender reassignment
bullet Dealing with coming out
bullet In a relationship where one of you has come out and the other has not
bullet In a heterosexual relationship but wanting to have or currently having a
  same-sex relationship
bullet Thinking about starting a family
bullet Experiencing homophobia, biphobia or transphobia either in your personal or
  professional life
bullet Looking for someone with whom to discuss your sexuality
bullet or just need help to work out where you are in a relationship

No matter your sexuality or gender identification, we are here to support you and your relationships.

Relate Avon works in partnership with eQuality to build greater inclusion for LGBTQ+ people

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